Workshop with Peter Jasko

Meet Peter Jasko on September 17th-21th at Par B.L.eux studio for his workshop exploring deep movement consciousness.

This workshop is designed for professionals as well as individuals interested in cultivate deep self-awareness through dance and movement. The class’s daily explorations include themes such as rebound, fluidity, openness, fragmentation and shaking, with the goal of providing participants with resources to free themselves from self-judgement and surpass certain mental limits. Peter Jasko encourages participants to develop introspection about the intuitive intelligence of their bodies and hopes to help them find ways to resolve the bodily, physical, and mental paradoxes that can emerge throughout the phases of exploration.  This research can be led individually or in a group and will serve to awaken each individual’s inner workings and body language. The objective of this workshop is to spark each participant’s creative curiosity towards their body, improve the conscious mastery of their movements and stimulate an open dialogue between participants, their consciences and their perception of movement.

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