Workshop // Body, relationships and measures of perception // Studio 303

160307-BLachambrePortrait_121ptBenoît Lachambre will give a workshop at Studio 303 from  January 23th to 27th 2017.

The workshop  ” Body, relationships and measures of perception “ unfolds around the idea of movement in a particular time and space, a living space. It is an invitation to a deep exploration of a more authentic consciousness of the connection between possible and potential bodies. Participants will be invited to question and reflect upon existence, and how they perceive empathetic movement in the process of choreographic creation. Exploring notions of Somatics, as well as the distribution of weight and gravitational forces, Benoit Lachambre offers the opportunity to re-connect with a choreography of feeling, of the immutable.

Please contact (514) 393-3771 or at for registrations.