That choreographs us…

atelier 2Starting this fall, Benoît Lachambre will be hosting three workshops.
The first one will be at Porto’s Municipal Rivoli Theatre, from September 1 through 4. For Benoît, this workshop will be followed by a research laboratory with choreographer Meg Stuart, who will also be hosting a workshop in late September at the same venue.
The second workshop is in the Berlin area. Ponderosa has invited Benoît Lachambre for ten days. This is a unique opportunity to share his somatic practices and his approach involving a heightened awareness of the senses, in a workshop entitled That choreograph us. Benoît Lachambre will be assisted by Portugese choreographer Joao Costa Espinho. Click here to register.
The third will take place in Helsinki at Theatre Academy in October.
There will be more workshops in Montréal at Studio 303 in 2016, and in Paris later in the season. Photo: David Bergé.