Prismes – European première

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Prismes (Prisms) has already had a good life on the stages of Canada but Benoît Lachambre’s work creates for Montréal Danse will get its  European premiere next month as part of a tour of Denmark. From April 13-27, eight performances are to be given in four cities – one additional show has just been confirmed in Odense !

The performers are Annik Hamel, Elinor Fueter, Rachel Harris, Sylvain Lafortune, Alexandre Parenteau and Peter Trosztmer.

Intense, visceral, jubilatory, radiant, Prismes is a choreographic and chromatic experience that plays with perceptions, evoking a multiplicity of readings of the piece and its pleasures. Marked by Benoît Lachambre’s humor and impertinence, the piece offers a social, political, spiritual perspective on senses, bodies and on the quest for sensational experiences. Prismes is also a synthesis of the explorations and the artistic journey of this creator who has so greatly influenced contemporary dance in Quebec in its ambitions of avant-gardism, freedom and radicality.