Fluid Grounds :

« Fluid Grounds is situated somewhere between the plastic installation and the dance. In a place where the desire crosses the sacred. In a crossroads of all the possible.» Anaïs Heluin –

Fluid Grounds Revue de presse FTA

Lifeguard :

« Benoît Lachambre, become the receptacle of the enormous flow of energy accumulated on him, becomes a fascinating target (focal point), by any sound to be convulsed on shaman rhythms. The empathy is for its height.»  Muriel Steimetz, L’humanité, 2017 

« Benoît Lachambre proposes to the spectators a strong and sensitive experience (experiment). Lifeguard is not a show, but a contemporary rite where the performeur puts itself listening to the world.» Véronique Hudon, Hook, on 2017

Archives :

«Benoit Lachambre remains an incredible performer and an inspiring artist whose collaborations continue to flourish.» Stéphanie Fromentin,, 2015

« This is an artist who goes to his very limit to create a work that, in an ultra-contemporary concept of artistic creation, has a spiritual dimension at its core.  » Thomas Hahn, Dansermag, July 12, 2012

« Let’s not be afraid to say it: Benoit Lachambre’s latest work is a masterpiece.» Nicolas Villodore, Danzine pour la danse, June 9 2012

« Everything about Lachambre works in harmony with the forces surrounding us in space.» Gérard Mayen, Danser, June 2012

« It’s always the radiant power of the artist on the stage – be they moving or completely still – that intensity, that defines the work of someone on the cutting edge of contemporary European creation. » Fabienne Cabado, Voir, Sept. 6 2007

« One of the greatest artists working in contemporary dance in Quebec and in Europe.» Marie-Eve Corbeil, Ici, Sept. 13 – 19 2007

« Those who aren’t interested one bit in easy intellectualism, love it… Well-known in Europe, where his collaboration and knowledge are always as in demand as they are appreciated.» François Dufort, Dfdanse, Sept. 10 2007

« Quebec choreographer Benoît Lachambre, an innovative figure of his generation.» Julie Bouchard, Le devoir, July 28 2003

« Choreographer Benoît Lachambre is relentlessly non conformist.» Linde Howe-Beck, Montreal Gazette, Feb. 6 1999