The water fait mal

The water fait mal as through a collision of two languages in a land of political conflict. The turmoil becomes the rhythm of dance, where emerges three bodies remembering the trace of pain. Broken in this unholy trinity, their instincts jump the beat, as they fold each other until manic movement spills out, breathing the air of a love-hate lullabye.


Danced by Benoît Lachambre, Robert Meilleur, Jacques Moisan and Marie-Claude Poulain (preceded by Lisa Witte)
Music Vincent Malstaff
Scenography Lawrence Malstaff
Lighting Peter De Wachter
Costumes Catherine Decelle

Coproduction Tanzkwerstatt (Berlin, Germany), Stuk en Klapstuck (Louvain, Belgium)

The Water fait mal premiered in 1996 at Festival Tanz Im August (Berlin, Germany).


© Maria Anguerra de Sojo