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Not to Know

© Stéphane Corriveau

© Stéphane Corriveau

Not to Know, not knowing…means having no idea what the next instant will present to us. It means letting oneself go to the essence of improvisation itself: a constant consciousness of the present moment, an instinctive discovery of the paths offered to the creators. The project’s uniqueness and its charm lie in the exceptional choice of a performance space that is more environmental than theatrical. An environment containing a natural lawn and various inflatable elements, draw the public in to the space, inviting them to freely discover it through the installations. It is in this special place that the dancers will evolve, outside of the traditional ideas of the stage. The discovery of Not to know will be like an exhibit, where the audience member is invited to choose what he/she wants to see, as well as how and when. The use of the five senses throughout the performance will engage the spectator’s curiosity. With its conceptual approach and its redefinition of improvisation in dance, the piece is sure to win over the dance public. After many years of experience, these artists are able to present us, in all its nuances and variations, with the creative potential of the body for expression.

Artistic Direction and dancers-improvisers Andrew de L. Harwood, Benoît Lachambre
Visual Design Nadia Lauro
Lighting Design Jean Jauvin
Director of production Stéphane Villeneuve
Dancers-improvisers  (differents according to the show) Jennifer Lacey, Tonja Livingstone, Frans Poelstra, Meg Stuart, Mark Tompkins, Boris Charmatz, Vera Mantero
Musicians-improvisers Boris Hauf, Laurent Maslé

Production Par B.L.eux and Ah Ha Productions

Not to know premiered on October 2 and 3 in 2001 at Festival International de Nouvelle Danse (Montreal, Canada) and received the support in co-production of ImPulsTanz (Vienna, Austria) for his production in 2002.

© Credit: Stéphane Corriveau