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Lifeguard an intimate piece that unfolds like a stroll, is the first work of a triptych that examines our notions about presence and the resonance of movement. This work aims to create an intimate space where the spectator plays an important role. Lifeguard works best in performance spaces that allow for close contact between audience and artist.

Away from the sublimated body and established aesthetic codes, with this solo, Benoît Lachambre explores the realm of the things we feel, instinctively. By paring down the use of devices and drawing inspiration from the grotesque, the choreography seeks out new dimensions of perception. The energy coming from the spectators turns into new units of measure, mobile data, that allow the performer to perceive the sensory architecture that surrounds him, comprised of living, immutable and vibrant waves. Each in their own different soundscapes, the audience and the choreographer come together in this connection.
The work, a performative action that will change with each presentation space and with each person’s perception, Lifeguard allows for a close analysis of movement, and questions the projections we make on relationships. With this trance of a naïve body, Par B.L.eux proposes that we listen to the body in a new way, drawing us into a search for the cohabitation of the senses. A new dynamic of connection is revealed, and the gaze, the touch and the movement of the members of the audience become elements of the choreography.

Benoît Lachambre re-defines the space and the sphere of feelings, and invites the spectator to share in an impersonal intimacy in a context that blurs borders and definitions about dance and movement. A subtle connection is made between the audience and the performer, between a playful trance and vulnerability, while the body’s flow in the performance creates a concrete dexterity.

While questioning the role of the artist, the audience’s passivity and the finesse of our affect, Lifeguard allows for an uninhibited discussion about existence. It is a multi-faceted installation about life, a work that is to be visited like an exhibit. The space itself is redefined, where visitors are invited to share an introspection, to just be, to feel the consciousness of the bodies. Lifeguard questions our instinct, placing the spectator in a state where the representation of the spectacular, and the immutable, can be examined in a different light.


Benoît Lachambre
Outside eye
Anouk Thériault, George Stamos et Valérie Lanciaux
Technical Direction
Samuel Thériault
Benoît Lachambre, Alexandra Bertaut et Valérie Lanciaux
Art Circulation
Par B.L.eux
CDC Atelier de Paris – Carolyn Carlson, Centre National de la Danse de Pantin, et la Ménagerie de Verre
With the support of
Studio Le Regard du Cygne
Receive the financial support of
Conseil des Arts du Canada, Conseil des Arts et des lettres du Québec, Conseil des Arts de Montréal



Worldwide premiere of Lifeguard, June 17th and 18th at l’Atelier de Paris through June Events Festival.

© Veronique Soucy / 2016 / Picture taken while public rehearsal