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Le Tombeau

Le Tombeau is a choreographic work that is part of the larger work Les Lions Mécaniques, from director Thierry Bédard. The company Par B.L.eux was created to back the staging of this choreographic work.

Les Lions Mécaniques ‘tells the true story of the manipulation of the writer and politician Edouard Herriot, in the 1930s. On a visit to the USSR, he took part in a religious ceremony. In fact, the ceremony was a show, a set-up. The authorities had transformed a brewery into a church, with false officials, including a certain Tchéliousnikov as pope, one of the characters in the story. Edouard Herriot left the country convinced that there was still freedom of religion in the Soviet Union. The story is very instructive, regarding not only the politician who was fooled but also those who craft such Machiavellian traps, those who are responsible for the mechanics of totalitarianism and feed into it, using lies and falsification.’ (Libération, March 6 1997. ‘Un piège aux lions pas très orthodoxe,’ by Marie-Christine Vernay.)

 Source : Libération, March 6, 1997. “Un piège aux lions pas très orthodoxe“, by Marie-Christine Vernay.

Le Tombeau is produced by Par B.L.eux.

Les Lions Mécaniques is produced by Notoire.

Les Lions Mécaniques had its première in 1997 at La Halle au Grains (Blois, France).

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