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L’Âne et la bouche

L’âne et la bouche is a polyglot dance where language is segmented and translated, where the value and signification of symbols is blurred. Even the dancers’ bodies are deconstruted to be re-assembled. The spectator finds himself disoriented by the multiple, almost anarchistic possibilities of interpretation. He is then challenged to reconstruct this confused world.

Spread out through the entire lenght of the work, Secret and Stories intertwines itself with the three other solos repectively danced by Robert Meilleur, Jacques Moisan and Benoît Lachambre. The solos are sectionned, juxtaposed, and manipulated into what forms L’âne et la bouche.

The work, wich has been done around previous Secret and stories performance, permited to build a choreographic and video documentation wich helped to create L’âne et la bouche. L’âne et la bouche is particularly focused on communication codes. Each pieces of visual information constitutes a precious element for the viewing and proper reading of this creation. Therefore the choreaographic research establishes a specific language that is meticulously intertwined with the choreography.

In Benoît Lachambre’s solo, his physical attitude is contained though the organic effor tof stupendous but quiet rythms flows through the held placement of a manly posture and behaviour. This exterior breaks at times, yet still hidden but falling into derision. Robert Mailleur’s solo is an approach concerned with deforming the body, getting rid of limbs as if they did not exist, to discover a new structured body. Glued to his shoes by human denial and madness, this is the story of silence and contained anger, a way of illustrating pain. Later in the piece he tumbles and crashes on an array of foot steps designated on the dance floor with crosses, L’s and T’s. This evolves into a final group dance ending the work in a manic and chaotic fury.

Choreography Benoît Lachambre
Interpretation Sarah Chase, Benoît Lachambre, Robert Meilleur, Jacques Moisan
Music conception and Performance Laurent Maslé
Light and Technical Direction Peter De Wachter
Scenography / Costumes Nadia Lauro
Participation by photo and video Laurent Goldring

Production Par B.L.eux (1997)
Coproduction Festival de La Bâtie (Genève, Switzerland), Klapstuk 97 (Louvain, Belgium)

Thanks to Agora de la Danse (Montréal, Canada), Tanzwerkstatt (Berlin, Germany), Tangente (Montréal, Canada), Conception Pierre Loyer (set), Jean-Alain Tremblay (sound engineer), Carole Courtois and Suzanne Winemaker.

L’âne et la bouche premiered in August 1997 during the Triple X Festival (Amsterdam, Nederlands).

© Laurent Goldring