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Is You Me

Benoît Lachambre performs and has been conducting exploratory work with Louise Lecavalier for several years. Through this research process the work I” is Memory was born. A solo piece that Benoît Lachambre created for her and that captivated audiences around the world. A shared deep artistic stimulation during their work in studio led to a reflection on their inner artistic needs and to the idea of working on a second creation.

They presented Is You Me, a duo about identity, fusion and distance that crystallizes their desire to dance together.

A deep artistic contact throughout work in studio led them to a reflection on their inner artistic needs. Thus was born the idea of working on a second creation for the Summer of 2008. Sharing the stage once again are two unique, incandescent artists – Benoît Lachambre, the performer-choreographer of with an authentic gesture known for his eminently sensorial approach, and Louise Lecavalier, the kamikaze dancer who, for the past 18 years, has embodied spontaneous combustion, and now savours the pleasures of slowness. See them here in Is You Me is , a duo about identity, fusion and distance that crystallizes their desire to dance together.

The performance work questions the role of the unconscious in the merging of identities, creating a dance based on the inspiration of the snapshot and the reflection of the one into the other. It reveals the need to address each individual directly via a device installed with an approach in a constant opposition to the indirect. It seemed important to create and achieve this using minimal physical contact. Set to live music by the New York composer Hawn Rowe, the visual artist Laurent Goldring makes bodies appear and disappear, using live drawing and video as both lighting and set design. In this play of reflection and mirrors, the notorious breaker of codes, Benoît Lachambre, orchestrates an encounter at the summit with the volcanic and fragile Louise Lecavalier, sublime even in a quiet, subdued state. In this way, the scenic device inevitably unveils the questions: am I me or you? Are you me? Do you see me as I see you ?

A creation by Benoît Lachambre, Louise Lecavalier, Laurent Goldering, Hahn Rowe
Artistic collaboration France Bruyère
Performed by Benoît Lachambre and Louise Lecavalier
Music and live music by Hahn Rowe
Scenography, lighting, live movie projection Laurent Goldring
Costumes Lim Seonoc
Technical Direction Philippe Dupeyroux

Production Par B.L.eux
Coproduction Théâtre de la Ville (Paris), MODAFE 2008 (Séoul), PACT Zollverein (Essen), Mercat de les Flors (Barcelone), Festival TransAmériques (Montréal), Fabbrica Europa (Florence), Usine C (Montréal)

Is You Me premiered in May 2008 at Festival TransAmérique (Montréal)

© Credit: André Cornellier