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Forgeries, Love & Other Matters

Forgeries, Love and Other Matters is the result of a collaboration between the American choreographer and dancer Meg Stuart, the Canadian choreographer and dancer Benoît Lachambre and the American composer and musician Hahn Rowe. With roots in the East Village scene in New York of the mid 1980s, their pathways have been intersecting on numerous occasions such as in Meg Stuart’s No Longer Readymade (1993) and in improvisational cooperative projects such as Crash Landing (1996-1999) and Not to Know (2002). Now Meg Stuart and Benoît Lachambre find each other again on the stage as dancing partners in a duet that is sonically enveloped by Hahn Rowe’s musical undulations. 

Forgeries, Love and Other Matters reads as the title of a Woody Allen movie. The comedy of manners has, however, been transgenetically blended with the DNA of science fiction. Are these people on stage campers or drifters, friends or lovers, humans or animals? When grounds of existence are shifting and call for the curved terrains of possible utopias, hard-edged distinctions dissolve. Not unlike speleologists Meg Stuart and Benoît Lachambre explore the subterrestial landscapes of the body and of the inner and outer geographies of our relationships to one another and the environment.

Choreography & Dance Meg Stuart & Benoît Lachambre
Live Music Hahn Rowe
Dramaturgy Myriam Van Imschoot
Scenography Doris Dziersk
Costumes Tina Kloempken
Lighting Marc Dewit
Technical Direction Britta Mayer
Assistance Direction Philipp Schmidt
Assistance Scenography Silvia Burgermeister
Assistance Costumes Charlotte Willi
Assistance sound Simon Lenski / Jo Thielemans
Stage Manager Sander Loonen

Production Damaged Goods, Par B.L.eux
Coproduction Schauspielhaus Zürich (Zürich, Switzerland), Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg- Platz (Berlin, Germany), Canada’s National Arts Centre (Ottawa, Canada)

Many thanks to Ulrike Becker, Matthias Greffrath, Jorge Leon, Antonija Livingstone, Olaf Selg, Tine Van Aerschot, Thomas Wodianka

Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods are supported by the Government of Flanders and the Flemish Community Commission

Forgeries, Love & other matters premiered in May 2004 at Schauspielhaus (Zürich, Switzerland).

© Credit: Chris Van der Burgh