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Confort et Complaisance

Is it possible for one to delight in oneself without falling into complacency? To lose oneself in comfort, but not to become indifferent? Perhaps, if there are certain barriers in place to keep excess in check. In Confort et complaisance, Benoît Lachambre makes comfort a way of life thats flows as easily as a stream. But this stream has forgotten that it will soon be flowing into a river, then a lake and then something even bigger… Confort et complaisance isn’t a stream, but the representation of a way of life that we have a hard time taking responsibility for. A way of life where everyone, while searching for the meaning of their existence and special talents, runs the risk of getting caught up in meaningless introspection, forgetting that which makes them similar to everyone else. On the stage, we see the joy, pleasure, exhilaration and the satisfaction that we can get from our bodies, but also the disgrace and downfall of those who are so self-absorbed that they forget about everything else.

Confort et complaisance was created under the direction of Benoît Lachambre, but thanks to the talent of each of the participating dancers brought to the project, they all contributed to the choreography with courage, sensitivity and restraint.

Text by Julie Bouchard

Director-choreographer Marie-Andrée Gougeon
Dancers-choreographers Martin Bélanger, Joe Hiscott, Tonja Livingstone, Jacques Moisan, Pierre Rubio, George Stamos and Julie Andrée T.
Stage installation Julie Andrée T
Lighting and technical direction Robert Gautier
Original score Laurent Maslé
Music Will Eizlini

Rehearsal director Benoît Lachambre
Production director  Claudia St-Georges
Installation-performance Julie Andrée T
Sound installation Laurent Maslé

Production Par B.L.eux 

Coproduction Festival international de nouvelle danse (Montreal, Canada) and Bergen International Theatre (Bergen, Norway). Created during a residency at l’Usine C (Montreal, Canada)

Par B.L.eux would like to thank Jhavé, Steve Topping, Rose Nanane, Réjean Côté, Luc Beauchamp and S.O.S. Dépannage Moisson Granby, Jennifer Glasgow, Marc-André Plasse and Caroline Dionne, Cyrille Commer, Anne-Marie Lachambre, Denis Bergeron, Josée Gagnon, Jean-Sébastien Baillat, Martin Bertrand, Kelly Ferrigan and Guillaume Bard; and extends special thanks to its coproducers and l’Usine C.

The participation of George Stamos for Confort and complaisance was part of a residency at Par B.L.eux with Benoît Lachambre.

Confort et complaisance premiered in September 2000 during the Festival International de Nouvelle Danse (Montreal, Canada)

© Credit: Yoko Minishi