Looking for participants for an open rehearsals cycle

contact_nbCompany Par B.L.eux invites you to participate in an open rehearsals cycle for it’s latest creation, Lifeguard.

Lifeguard is an intimist performance-based work that will evolve with the different places and perceptions of the Other. This creation can be experienced rather like an art exhibit, where the visitors are invited to share an introspection, to be with themselves, to feel the consciousness of the bodies present. Lifeguard questions our instincts, and places the spectator in a situation of heightened awareness, where notions surrounding our representation of the immutable and the spectacular can be examined.

 The next open rehearsal will take place March 26th from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Attendees will be let in every 15 minutes.

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For more information, please contact us at 
or by email : communications@parbleux.qc.ca

18 and over