ghost telephone : Benoît Lachambre at the Biennale of Sydney

For the 20th Biennale of Sydney, Benoît Lachambre will take part in the interdisciplinary performance ghost telephone. Specially commissioned by the Art Gallery of NSW as part of the Biennale. ghost telephone is a month-long daily chain performance, comprised of new interlinked works from a set of internationally renowned artists.

After Hahn Rowe, Chrysa Parkinson, and Philipp Gehmacher, Benoît Lachambre will perform and establish a living dialog with one of the pieces that comprise ghost telephone.

Every day starting April 3rd, and ending April 16th 2016, he will improvise a choregraphic work inspired by Doris Salcedo’s installation. With his moving body, he will create new links between gesture and sculpture, all while offering a tangible exploration of space and interdisciplinarity.

Picture : Zan Wimberley