/// Fluid Grounds /// Benoît Lachambre / Par B.L.eux & Sophie Corriveau

Fluid Grounds is a performative installation mapped out and set in motion by Benoît Lachambre. The second part of a triptych that began with Lifeguard (a solo created by Benoît Lachambre in 2016), Fluid Grounds is a production of Par B.L.eux and Sophie Corriveau in coproduction with Agora de la danse, Festival TransAmériques and Charleroi Danse.

In this second opus, the performers meet in the fabrication of ambulatory spaces by questioning together the creation of affect, the notions of presence, of connection, of space and the idea of routes used as memory weavers.

Showcasing movement and its emotion through sensory and imagination awakening, Fluid Grounds is a vibratory and sensory space where body and dance coexist and join all aspects of the work together: presence, action and what unites and survives us.

Performers :
Jenna Beaudoin, Kim-Sanh Châu, Sophie Corriveau, Elinor Fueter, Benoît Lachambre, Andrew Turner
Sound Design : Nancy Tobin
Technical Direction : Samuel Thériault

Studio Par B.L.eux – 5425 Casgrain Ave #200, Montreal, Quebec H2T 1X6

► Tuesday November 26th :
12 to 7 PM

► Wednesday November 27th :
12 to 7 PM