Collaboration between Art Circulation and Par B.L.eux

artcircu_swebWe ‘re thrilled to announce that Par B.L.eux will be represented by Art Circulation. This organism is dedicated to create bridges between choreographic creation and new publics.
Art Circulation has supported meaningful choreographic works since its founding in 2010 under the guidance of director Gilles Doré. It is his conviction that the artistic process of every company should always be upheld as the core of its development. Art Circulation is devoted to promoting the artistic endeavours of the companies it supports and developing their outreach in order to create bridges between the artwork and the national and international markets.

Par B.L.eux is joining the ranks of MARIBÉ – SORS DE CE CORPS (choreographer Marie Béland), Danse-Cité (artistic director Daniel Soulières), and Montréal Danse (artistic director Kathy Casey) in this structure.