Since 1996, Benoît Lachambre received many award, for works created for his dance company Par B.L.eux but also for commissioned works, as for instance the award received in December 2014 for Prisms.

· 1998

Award Jacqueline Lemieux (CAC : most deserving applicants in the Dance Section’s Grants to Dance Professionals Program).

· 2001

Dora Awards for Délire Défait

· 2003

Moving Pictures Festival of Dance on Film and Video, Toronto. Award for the Best Performance, received for Cantique #1 (Marie Chouinard), for Carol Prieur and Benoît Lachambre.

· 2006

Bessie Award for Performance in Forgeries, Love and Other Matters. Created with Meg Stuart and Hahn Rowe.

· 2013

Grand prix de la danse de Montréal 2013 for presentation of Snakeskins in Montreal.

· 2014

Best Choreography Award from Le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec for Prisms. Created for Montréal Danse, presented in 2013 at l’Agora de la danse and in 2014 at Place des Arts by Danse Danse.