Benoît Lachambre has been teaching around world for a 25 years now, transmitting his knowledge of the kinesthetic and somatic techniques that have structured his work throughout his career, and in which he has cultivated a certain expertise. Considering the scope of his knowledge, as a technician as well as an educator, he enjoys sharing his experience with the next generation of artists. His approach to teaching is compassionate, based on openness and sharing.

His research aims for the heightened awareness of the senses, and is based on the distribution of weight and the forces of gravity. Benoît Lachambre works on the alignment and the imagination of each participant, who is encouraged to intensify and heighten the awareness of the senses through increased consciousness of the nature of movement in a specific context, a living environment. He invites us to a holistic experience of the body and its environment.

Teaching gives Benoît Lachambre the opportunity to pass on his notions of somatics and to ensure a positive, individual appropriation of the different qualities that emerge for each individual, placing the participants in a context of creation. Benoît Lachambre has given more than 120 workshops within Par B.L.eux in 15 years, notably at Tanz Im August (Berlin, Germany), ImPulsTanz (Vienna, Austria), Circuit Est and Usine C (Montréal, Canada), P.A.R.T.S (Brussels, Belgium), SNDO (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), Charleroi Danses (Belgium) as well as l’Atelier de Paris – Carolyn Carlson (Paris, France), DansAlliansen (Stockhölm, Sweden), MODAFE (Seoul, South Korea), Cairo (Egypt), Seattle (WA, USA), Vancouver (BC, Canada).

In his workshops he addresses topics such as :
– Transforming notions of presence
– Energy in movement
– The body and measuring perception
– The dancing body and Somatics
– Reconnecting with deep consciousness
– Exploring networks of sensitivity
– Making connections in shared practices
– Choreographic specificity of ‘letting go’

Par B.L.eux, through the teaching of Benoît Lachambre, offers two educational options :
– A ‘short’ format, for perfecting technique
– A ‘long’ and intensive format, for the development of the creative process called ‘That Choreographs Us’

In April 2015, with the creation of the first ‘That Choreographs Us’, Benoît Lachambre added a new dimension to his teaching activity. With this intensive learning experience, he explores along with the students the different steps that make up the creative process, putting Somatics at the centre of a work they create together.

Picture : Workshop ImPulsTanz 2006 © David Bergé
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