«Benoit Lachambre remains an incredible performer and an inspiring artist whose collaborations continue to flourish. » Stéphanie Fromentin,, 2015

This is an artist who goes to his very limit to create a work that, in an ultra-contemporary concept of artistic creation, has a spiritual dimension at its core.
Thomas Hahn, Dansermag, July 12, 2012

Let’s not be afraid to say it: Benoit Lachambre’s latest work is a masterpiece.
Nicolas Villodore, Danzine pour la danse, June 9 2012

Everything about Lachambre works in harmony with the forces surrounding us in space.
Gérard Mayen, Danser, June 2012

It’s always the radiant power of the artist on the stage – be they moving or completely still – that
intensity, that defines the work of someone on the cutting edge of contemporary European creation.
Fabienne Cabado, Voir, Sept. 6 2007

One of the greatest artists working in contemporary dance in Quebec and in Europe.”
Marie-Eve Corbeil, Ici, Sept. 13 – 19 2007

Those who aren’t interested one bit in easy intellectualism, love it…
Well-known in Europe, where his collaboration and knowledge are always as in demand as they are appreciated.
François Dufort, Dfdanse, Sept. 10 2007

Quebec choreographer Benoît Lachambre, an innovative figure of his generation.
Julie Bouchard, Le devoir, July 28 2003

Choreographer Benoît Lachambre is relentlessly non conformist.
Linde Howe-Beck, Montreal Gazette, Feb. 6 1999